Waiting For The Baby

waiting for the baby

To myself, and to the youngsters, “time flies by” phrase comes a little bit of a joke. Because you feel young, you feel there is a century ahead of you. Until you start to jump right in the middle of life, and start focusing other people than yourself. is literally jumping in the middle of life. waiting for the baby

We received the good news at the end of April 2017. I still remember the surprise of my wife. We had a little box in the bedroom in our old apartment where we were the tenants. In the box, you could find a lot of stuff, some ornaments, maybe a few coins and some banknotes. You know the drill, I am sure everybody has that kind of a box where they put everything in. So she asks me to hand over the har clip she uses, which looked like a normal course of action. Because you know, couples always ask each other to bring something from here and there. As soon as I opened the lid of the box, i saw two blue pacifiers and when I looked at her, the biggest smile in her face i’ve ever seen.

Although there were two pacifiers, we did not know if we were having more than one baby, but eventually we only had one. waiting for the baby

Time Turning into a Light

After spending around seven months as engaged, we finally got married on 7th of April 2017. Before receiving the good news that we were going to be parents, the concept of time was a resemblance of, let’s say, a car. It was going, I could feel it passing by, but I was able to get a hold of everything. I could control things around me. After the good news, the concept of time changed literally into a light from being a car. I have zero idea how those 9 months just vanished. The chronology of my wife’s pregnancy to me was like, get the good news, comprehend the fact that my wife was pregnant, and bam! I was holding my son in my arms. waiting for the baby

I was listening to my friends who already had the experience of having a pregnant wife, that my life would turn into hell for 9 months and I should be awaiting strange events, unrealistic requests for cravings, pickles at 4 am, strawberries in the middle of the winter, mood changes, and my wife to become happy, mad, and sad in a total of 2 seconds of time.

Let me tell you something: NOTHING. Absolutely, a big, fat, huge NOTHING for you. No cravings, no mood changes, no requests. The only difference I witnessed was that my wife got even calmer, because I would always tell her that she was a bit tense and getting angry quite easily for the tiniest things. After she got pregnant, her character seemed to accept the fact that she was to be a mother, and start acting accordingly.

She had done fitness for the last 7 years or so before we met. She had a muscular body when we first saw each other. She still has a great body, but of course to keep that kind of muscles, you need to exercise on a routine basis. My first advise for the pregnant woman is a good one. I witnessed, first hand, that if you are actively going to the gym, and continue to do so after you get pregnant, you are going to have a smooth delivery.

It was a walk in the park for her. We went to the hospital since she was in labor. We were there at around 12:10 pm. My son was born at 13:18 pm, 26th of December, 2017.