Spending Time with the Baby

Spending Time with the Baby

Swimming, biking, reading, sleeping, or the internet? Not really… My favorite hobby is my son nowadays and I don’t think it is going to change any time soon. Spending time with the baby covers most of all my time outside work and I am quite happy with the fact.

There were a lot of speculations we have been hearing – we are still hearing by the way – that the babies always cry, they wouldn’t sleep, they would make lif miserable for you and everything… So me and my wife prepared for the worst. Sleeping hours? We would take shifts so both of us could sleep properly. He wouldn’t eat? We would try different brands. What if breastfeeding stops too early? That’s fine, there are lots of alternatives for breast milk. He will hit his head to the furniture? Give me a break, he is only 6.5 months old. I am sure you can already imagine the situation. We were ready for war! Spending time with the baby.

Until we started to experience the young fella… He doesn’t cry. Well he does, but under certain circumstances. He eats quite good. And when he is full, he stops opening his mouth. Breastfeeding goes really good. My wife still can produce, which soothes and feeds the baby both. Spending time with the baby.

I was kind of a soldier at first, because you know, hold the baby for a second, sit with the baby i gotta do the laundry, pick the baby up I need to change him… Now he is 6.5 months old, and yes. I am eating him all up! Those chubby floppy cheeks of his, heaven-like smell, laughter whenever I look at him and tickle him… Things could have never gone any better.

Our favorite activity is going outside, duh.. He even gets excited when I start preparing the carrier and his mother gets the stroller. He enjoys himself a lot because he sees different things outside. A lot of different people passing by him, cars moving around, birds flying on top of us, the leaves on the trees… Since everything is new to him, he just loves the experience.

The main problem for many parents is when the children are at home, they tend to get bored quite easily and want some activity for a change. In most cases, the parents would be quite exhausted with the routine daily life and when they are at home, they prefer to relax and take the time for resting.

Spending time with the baby
And we love selfies!

90% of the time, my son is quite fine with everything. He started to catch the toys, he is trying to eat them all the time of course, and his favorite nowadays; throw them as far as possible. Daddy’s on duty though, he collects toys from the floor fifty times a day, no worries.

I consider myself a very lucky father, because whenever he looks at me, that is even if he is upset or ready to cry for something, he starts smiling. And if his mood is quite alright, he starts laughing. So I can say he is a very happy baby. The only troubling time for him is when he wants to sleep. He starts to itch his eyes and hair and starts not like crying, but let me say that phase before crying, where you could easily understand he is about the cry. And at that point, his mother comes to rescue, because his excellency wants rocking all the time. He is not sleeping on his own just yet.

While I was spending with our son, I found out that toys are not really that necessary. Anything the baby considers beautiful will serve him as a pastime, so I suggest you to not go and buy lots of toys at first, but experience your baby with a few interesting things first. He got a lot of presents from relatives, a lot of different toys, a gaming park which you can set it up on the carpet and everything, but do you know what his favorite toy is? A pillow. And the second one I dare you to guess? A chair. The exact wooden chair I eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He starts touching, pushing, and looking at it for hours until he gets bored with it. And his favorite sports is wrestling… He wrestles with our pillow, the one we sleep on at nights, until his sweat starts dropping from his nose. So you never know what they are going to find attractive, the best way before spending your budget on different toys is to just observe what your baby enjoys.

I did have millions of toys when I was young. Tens of bicycles I wore out; I lost hundreds of matchbox toy cars; marbles, literally thousands of them; video games, I don’t even remember how many joysticks I broke. But that was me. And it was the educational approach of my parents which made me focus on toys, rather than different things. So my aim right now is to consider my experience on parenting of my own parents towards me, and steer my own parenting to my sun, the best way I can. Spending time with the baby.

His mother has a hard time from time to time when she needs to change his diapers, because he gets very active with his legs. I invented something at that point and when I get very close to his face and start smacking my lips and making sounds, he stops instantly and starts observing my lips, my beard, and my face, while my wife can easily manage changing him. I came up with this solution because I experienced playing with him and doing different facial expressions. By time, you get a hold of what your baby enjoys to see. Spending time with the baby.