First Time Baby Goes Out

Baby's First Day Out
Our little panda bear.

Is he ready? Is it too cold outside? Maybe we should wait some more… What if he gets sick? What if it rains? What if a tornado takes him away? Is there an alien invasion today in the news? First Time Baby Goes Out

Although some of the answers to the questions above were a “yes”, we did take our baby out the first chance we had. He was a month old when he went out of the apartment the first time. It was a sunny day around 13-14 C, without any wind. So we made sure he did not receive any cold weather or stuck in between the wind flows.

Baby's First Day Out
Our little panda bear.

Since he slept most of the time we were out, we thought it would be easy to leave the apartment quite occasionally. Well, that’s what we thought as amateur parents the first time we stepped out of our home with our

Since we did not have any idea what to expect, our eyes were on our baby at all times. We even checked if he was breathing properly like 23 times and we were outside around 2 hours maybe. First Time Baby Goes Out

His mommy ensured that we had everything we need under unexpected circumstances. So we were covered. She is extremely careful when it is about the baby.

We sat down at a cafe and had some snacks while the little guy slept in his stroller. And around the time we were leaving the place, he woke up. And there we are, first time out with our baby while he is awake…

He was looking around to understand what’s going on. He just stared at me for a while from his bed in the stroller. He was probably trying to understand what was going on, or who am I…

After a short time, as expected, maybe he was hungry, or he had some colic, he started to cry. I took him out of the stroller and until we made our way to the car, he was looking around in my arms.

His mother knows why he cries. I cannot distinguish the type of crying. That’s a magic for mothers, and they are surely the magicians. She said he was hungry and started breastfeeding in the car, until we arrived back to our home.

Our overall experience was pretty good, and he slept throughout the journey. When we arrived home, he started to sleep right away, probably got exhausted with everything going on around him. The weather is getting pretty good, so hopefully we will experience more journeys in the near future.

Before my closing lines to this article, I would like to share another experience I had while we were walking around with the baby. While were checking our baby every second we were with him outside, we heard few babies crying quite loudly right next to their mothers in their strollers. It surprised me the way their mothers react to their babies’ cries. They do not do a single thing. Literally, the baby cries in there, most probably has a colic or s/he is uncomfortable with something. But instead of trying to calm the baby down, or try to find out what is going on, they just chose to ignore the help call of their babies.

This is very strange to me. Yes, you cannot spoil your children all the time, but the only way a baby could call out for his/her mother is to cry in the need of an emergency in their own world. Holding the babies for a few seconds and calming them down to make them stop crying should not be called spoiling. First Time Baby Goes Out

Oh, and some say, do not allow your children to get used to your arms, or your lap. Otherwise they won’t sleep or stay anywhere unless you hold them. Nonsense in my opinion. Every baby has a self character. Some don’t like laps, or holding, while the others enjoy every second. And ours happens to be right in the middle.