First Smile of Our Baby

First Smile of The Baby

There are very unique moments in life where you thank The Creator and have a weird smile in your face, which makes you forget anything you are going through in life and focus only on the thing which gives you the reason for the smile. First Smile of Our Baby.

I myself a cheerful person, who likes to smile and laugh all the time, instead focusing on the bad things going around us. For me, and of course for the most of the people, health is a first. I believe if you are healthy, the other things will be achievable by time. And you gotta be thankful for what you are given. First Smile of Our Baby

Babies born expressionless. The only thing they would do is to cry and make some strange sounds nobody understands. According to my experience, first few weeks passed like this. After leaving the first month behind, his little smiling appeared on his face.

Except the time when we couldn’t see, or the time our baby at least tried to make an expression on his face, this was his first smile:

First Smile of The Baby

And the feeling of “I believe I can conquer the world.” follows. First Smile of Our Baby

After the first smile of our baby, me and his mother started having a better life emotionally. You know all those concerns about if he’s breathing all the time, what is going to happen with the vaccines, are they going to have a side effect questions etc. were left behind, and we imagined that we have a smiling baby in between our hands. He was like telling us not to worry about anything, and he was quite alright himself, enjoying the be alive and receiving the warmth of his parents in his heart with a full stomach and dirty diaper. First Smile of Our Baby