Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief

Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief

From the very moment we brought our baby home, 24/07 surveillance started on him. Every single sound or movement were being monitored closely by me and his mother. We were very excited for the experience, and we were looking forward to understand and acknowledge every single movement he made. Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief.

Our baby arrived his home in his forth day in this world. At first, he was quite calm and silent. He just made little noises, which I cannot say they were cries, to let us know he had some trouble. And that trouble was hunger obviously. because in the first weeks we did not have any colic or gas problems.

Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief
He loves sleeping like this, especially after he cries because of colic.

After the third week, he started to have them. As a colic medicine, our friends who had experience with their children before advised us to use Lefax. Their experience showed the them that this is the best one and their babies were relieved after using it. Our doctor tho, advised us to use Bio Gaia. We are giving him five drops at once, per day. After the first time he cried all day long with colic, we started with Bio Gaia right away, and within a couple of days, the crying episodes are gone. But this is not a medical advise of course, please call your doctor before using any kind of medicine, and do not start giving medicine to your baby because you read them here. I am just sharing my experience I had with our baby. Every baby has a different type of body and reaction to different type of medicine. Of course, as a baby, he still cries when he wants something. But you have to know what he wants. Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief

Why the Babies Cry?

There are three possibilities in accordance with my experience. In general, a baby wants three things; first one is the feeding, second one is the baby wants us to clean him up, and the last one is he has gas pain, a colic, and he wants us to help him to take it out. Of course there are the forth and fifth and maybe one hundredth different possibilities for a pediatrician. But we are just simple parents. As long as feeding, changing his diapers, and helping him with the gas makes him stops crying, we are going to stick with the first three possibilities.


Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief
The standard gas and colic relief position.

To help the colic, the first position is the most common one everybody knows. You hold the baby facing yourself and you put his chest slightly on your upper chest, close to your shoulder, and wait for the magic “burp”. I have another trick learned from my mother who was a delivery nurse. You can have the baby in the the same position if you have him/her lie down facing the floor on your one leg while you are sitting, and again put his stomach on your thighs. This makes the same position as if he is on your shoulder. If you have any problems having your baby on your shoulder for some reason (injury, tired etc.), you can try this as well. It works. Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief


Not every cry is a sign of a colic, or means he has gas. Because sometimes he wakes up crying, obviously uneasy with something. I just change his sleeping position, and he continues sleeping. Just like adults, he wants to change sleeping positions. When he starts crying when he sleeps on his back, I turn him around and make him sleep face down. He stops crying and goes on with his napping.

Another important thing to avoid the baby to swallow gas is to make sure to adjust the feeding bottle accordingly. The pacifier section of the feeding bottle must be full of milk when feeding the baby. That means when you make the bottle upside down, the bottom (the pacifier side) must be full of milk. If there is any kind of opening or the milk does not cover the whole mouth of the pacifier, the baby starts swallowing gas, which will end up with a colic and a crying baby. Baby Gas Pains and Colic Relief

Here is my experience as a father when we were waiting for our firstborn.