Are Baby Carriers Safe?

Are Baby Carriers Safe?
There are many articles online focusing mainly on the baby carriers. I have not read any of them ever (which does not mean you should not by the way). Are Baby Carriers Safe?
The only thing I know about our baby for short distance travelling is that he does not like to be carried over the trolley all the time. Well, let me rephrase; “most” of the time.
Are Baby Carriers Safe?Whenever we go outside, he starts making gestures that he does not enjoy lying inside the trolley after around half an hour. Maybe he doesn’t like the fact that he cannot see anything other than the sky, or he just simply does not feel comfortable lying on his back.  And since he is not old enough to sit up,we don’t have much of a choice other than holding him up and carry him ourselves. Are Baby Carriers Safe?
That is another concern. During the first few months,he was as heavy as a bag of tomatoes purchased from the market, but now he is around “you cannot carry me in your arms for more than 15 minutes” heavy. Upgraded to a watermelon, a big one. Are Baby Carriers Safe?
We purchased a carrier a while ago, and the first experience I had was positive. And guess what? The baby who never sleeps on the trolley slept in the carrier I had in front of me. After he falls asleep, we transfer him to the trolley. He likes rocking before going to sleep. At least that’s what I managed to understand because of the sleeping rites my wife and my baby have been enjoying. Are Baby Carriers Safe?
Now, whenever we go out, we take it with us. It is as important as taking an extra diaper before we leave our  flat, otherwise we will say goodbye to our backs and welcome the back pain in our late 30s.
As of the health concerns about the bone development, our orthopaedist stated everything is going well. As long as we do not use the carrier too much, everything is going to turn out just fine.