How to Help Relieve Baby’s Gas

How to Help Relieve Baby's Gas

We are close to two months now since we welcomed our baby, and our experience with him makes us learn new things every single day. The body and the vocal signs he is telling us are quite distinguishable from each other, and we started to understand what he wants in most cases. How to Help Relieve Baby’s Gas 

For example, if he starts to make deep sounds, which are far less louder than a simple crying, and tries to find the nipple by moving his neck left and right with an open mouth (urging to find a nipple), that means he is hungry.

In general, he is a calm baby. He does not cry if he doesn’t have any problems. The most direct crying starts when he has gas and his little tummy has trouble releasing it. Daddy comes to rescue! How to Help Relieve Baby’s Gas 

When he is very sleepy, sometimes he cannot cry because of the gas or the colic. The passion to sleep is far more superior at the time. Instead of crying he strains. He loves to sleep face down, and since his legs are not fully straight, he just makes the straining sound of a normal human being. But in baby language. If he sleeps on his back, then he pulls his legs and bends his knees as much as possible, again trying to strain, and makes the similar sounds. I just monitor few times, at least 2-3 times to see if he is going to succeed in his own. Because if he cannot do it in 2-3 times, he will make the same sound and movements until he releases that gas out of his bum.

How to Help Relieve Baby's Gas
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After few unsuccessful attempts, I hold him up and I lie him down to a straight place, mostly the couch because it is both quite comfy and not too soft. So he can flex as much as he wants. The best way to help our baby to release his intestinal gas is to hold his legs and make them straight with soft and slow movements. Once his legs are straight, he stops making any sounds or movements like he is sleeping, probably he loves the stretching. After that, I bend his knees and make a movement as if he would pull his legs up to his tummy. Slow repeats with same speed.

Once I start doing it, and his legs are pulled up all the way to his tummy, he makes the straining sound himself every time I pull his legs up. And my experience is that he releases the gas around the 4th or 5th time I do the movement. And he goes back to the sleep. Works like a charm. How to Help Relieve Baby’s Gas 

I am just very careful not to make a fast movement or end up hurting his legs. If the movements are gentle, the results are a success for us.